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Entry for May 2, 2009 - I have an opinion
It never occurred to me that I could have even the slightest notion of an opinion.  "For every action, there is a reaction."

I have been awhile sorting out the things in this world to organize some sort of outlook.  Alas, I find that my Dalí-worshipping days have been in vain, for the world is so complex now, that a guru-who-isn't-a-blogger does not exist.

Yes, blogging is for the philosophers of this century.  For example, I don't like xyz.  Here are the reasons I don't like xyz:  etc.

I'd like to think that words can be used less as just entertainment and more as a revealing of a deeper waking dream.  Words should not be just information either, but should cause transformation.

With that, I shall contemplate my next gestation of words.

2009-05-02 20:15:23 GMT
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