I am a mostly self-taught artist who fell in love with painting 10 years ago, as of this writing.

When I look at someone else's painting, I ask myself, "Why didn't I paint that?"
When I look at my own painting, I ask myself, "Why did I paint that?"

Manifesto of P. Fitz:

The artist risks opening channels to the higher being in order to bring visions of beauty which can be awed or rejected.

Therefore, he places himself at the mercy of possible unknowns as do all.

From the Illuminated Manuscripts of old we are brought a history and history is in the making by artists of today.

The artists deserve freedom and respect and a margin of curve to grow in their dignity as they are the recorders of visions of common currency converted to sublimated destiny.

If an artist chooses to destroy as well as create, her respect must remain for the calling of history is not one to be taken lightly.

Visual arts must seek to enlighten, entertain, and inform the recipient with either truth or falsehood.

But free will shall be as the wind or not at all.  And in stifling the vision, only despair will serve to intensify the will of creator.

For the artists shall remain to be a select few, and all souls shall glorify the chosen as if they were themselves chosen. The heart of humanity is one filled with sorrow and joy that a sensitive spirit may tap to bring forth the history of the present, a duty is called and answered by chosen artists of today.