I use mostly oil paint, acrylic sometimes, and pen and pencil.

When I paint, I have a sketch already made so there is no automatism. While painting, I do adjust to the textures of the flow of paint to achieve the desired effect.

My sketches are of a tremendous variety. A kind of brainstorming activity with no goal.

If I were to say I have found a niche, it is in the use of gray. Why gray? After much thought, I have decided that metallic silver, hence light reflecting, cannot be painted. It is possible to use mirrors in art, but impossible to paint a reflective surface that responds to the person viewing the art. So gray is the compromise. (Although I am fond of painting mirrors as a challenge.)

Also, I have invented the term "Two-dimensional sculpture." It is sculpture without the problem of finding the right medium. I can simulate any medium with oil paints. These paintings could be made into 3-dimensional sculpture with the right skill, I suppose.

If I am called a minimalist, so be it. For if I drink a cup of tea, I do not taste each leaf individually, but the brew in total.

I have discovered I enjoy using watercolors. Could this be a new period for me?