be nice

fortune keeper is trying to hold water in drops
mud is forming in statue's shadow camera
snap goes the laughing guard
surrounded by lifetime in words in square room in yellow

lusted for a lifetime and got paper oar
grenade pin for a toothpick and razor in the jocky shorts
chests formulate more truth than pants can slip on
mad love of fountains of small black volcanic rocks
slipping down universe's areas of interest

Program like you like to program like
the font is breaking my optic chasm into a corpse's spine
and oh the finger numb of coke and ability
does do to do pull out of the raunch and filth like a geezer

rolling down automatically
jesting sinfully
wearing yoga away

Cat and Mouse

whole breakfast cereal society of two kinds (polar opposites)
white bread please don't grow an arm or a leg;
just eat your wheat and don't cry
entire monopoly selling psychotic remnants and taglined busrides
to the trusting bellyfloppers in situations of guilt
a convoy of yellow churning and metal gear churning x-ray churning

brief but subtle

hobo brought his attention to the billboard selling shampoo and was nice
to my mother
the train clattered by in its way of secret rail riding
I spuked a chunk of rasberries into plastic coated baby toy
then the ride was short --- I missed the ride it was zero time

these black crows and daily shows
untidy sea pigeons gawking at hoodlum bootyshakers
blue grief seems a compromise in between black and white
but only issuing from a chrome apparatus is green

I was six and drew a bird.
I was twenty-six and drew a bird.
They were the same bird.


The paintings stays where it is put
unless it is thrown off a cliff.

It is there to occupy a few moments of time.
Time will never cease until it ceases.

Someday there will be a virtual museum. It will probably outlast any living museum.

I hope to be in that museum.

So for now, enjoy my art as I do. It's all I can do to share with the world as the world has
shared with me.